3D Training Application Usage Instructions

This 3D training application allows you to study the procedure. You can use the training application in three different modes:

Training Environment

The lower-left pane allows you to select and activate appropriate training mode:

In the Demo and Study modes you can control the playback of the procedure by using a VCR-like control panel:

The lower-right pane allows you to select appropriate parameters of the playback:

The Operation pane represents expected operation or group of operations. You should read instructions and perform actions, such as enter the requested parameter or select the object that takes part in a procedure:

The upper-left pane helps you to go through the procedure:

Training Modes

Demo mode

Study mode

Exam mode

Navigation in the 3D Window

You can navigate in the 3D window by using the mouse or the Navigation bar:

To Zoom in / Zoom out 3D model:

To move the camera up/down or left/right:

To make 3D model fully visible in the 3D window:

To rotate 3D model:

To specify the rotation center in 3D: