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How to view different types of RapidAuthor publications on various platforms
Publications Platforms How to view
Plugin-free RapidAuthor publications Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Android Cortona3D Solo
An HTML5-based component which is automatically loaded into cache
RapidAuthor publications that require plugins Windows (Internet Explorer 11 only) Cortona3D Viewer and Cortona2D Viewer
Pluggable components for Internet Explorer
RapidAuthor publications for iOS iOS Cortona3D Viewer for iOS
Native iOS application
RapidAuthor publications in 2D PDF Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Android Adobe Reader
PDF viewer
RapidAuthor publications in 3D PDF Desktop platform Adobe Reader
PDF viewer


System requirements: MS Windows, MS Internet Explorer, Cortona3D Viewer, Cortona2D Viewer

This demo can be viewed with an iOS app

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